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Chichi is glamorous and gives the illusion of your natural lashes. They are lower in volume and fluttery. The everyday mink perfect for beginners, regular users or stacking lash.


This is my first collection in my numerous series about to be released, these lashes are light weight and ideal for everyday enhancement. You might not feel a thing when you’re wearing these lashes, because they’re comfortable and look amazing. Each lash can be used for an average of 25 applications depending on care. Cue lashes has a lash pair for everyone, whether you’re looking for a subtle, soft or even a flirty look. The best thing about these lashes is that you can pair them up by stacking them, to create a voluminous effect.  Send us your pictures #cuelashes #cuecosmetics or follow us on instagram and facebook @cuecosmetics. We feature MUA’s around the world so be sure to check the caption to know if our lashes are being used by the guru or not.


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